Things I Did And Didn't Enjoy About Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Overall, I was happy to be back in Stars Hollow with these characters again, and it felt more successful than other revivals I've watched.
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  4. Enjoyed: Paris
    Still terrifying. Still conquering everything she sets her mind to including motherhood and running Dynasty Makers. Still the Paris we know and love.
  5. Enjoyed: Emily
    Loved seeing her cope with life after Richard, tell off the ladies of the DAR and begin a new career of frightening children with whaling stories. Happy to see that it was a "Treat yo' self, Emily Gilmore" scenario.
  6. Enjoyed: Nostalgia
    Loved the whole opening scene with the banter, walking around Stars Hollow and the snow beginning to fall. Loved how they managed to capture small characters, festivals and events that made Stars Hollow, Stars Hollow like Babbette, the town troubadour, fall festival, etc. throughout all four episodes (though some characters were addressed too much and others not enough) and addressed small things like the mystery of Lane's dad. Lorelai-"Haven't done that for a while." Rory-"felt good"
  7. Enjoyed: Coping with Richard's death
    Already mentioned it a little talking about Emily, but it was obviously a big part of the 4 episodes. They handled it really well showing how it impacted each of the Gilmores with Lorelai's flubbed story after the funeral, calling Emily with the story she wish she had chosen to share, the flashback of Richard at his desk before Rory begins to write her book and even the ridiculously large portrait of him.
  8. Didn't enjoy: The entirely too long Stars Hollow Musical scene.
    Feels like the scene could have been cut in half and still have gotten the same point across. Fill this time with something more important.
  9. Didn't enjoy: The life and death brigade montage.
    I've never really been a fan of the life and death brigade storylines/characters anyways, so it's no surprise that I didn't enjoy this or look forward to their appearance. It just felt like a really weird unnecessary dreamlike sequence. Also, I love Across the Universe, but why are we remaking scenes of it in the Gilmore Girls revival? Similar to the musical scene it just felt like it went on forever.
  10. Didn't enjoy: The odd choice of cast members witnessing the wedding.
    I know they had to work with scheduling conflicts, but having Michel and no Sookie felt really weird after just seeing a scene with how excited she was to be back to help with the wedding. Why was Lane there and no one representing Luke's side like Jess or April?
  11. Didn't enjoy: Logan
    This may be in part because I was always team Jess or team couldn't have Rory found anyone better than her high school and college loves in the time that has passed? Haven't they already tried the open relationship? And this isn't so much an open relationship as it is Rory being the other woman again. And then the fact that he will inevitably always be a part of her life regardless of if she allows him to be a part of their child's life. Ugh. Maybe I should just be happy it wasn't Dean?