1. Kingkiller Chronicles
    Started these without realizing the 3rd book was not yet published. Now addicted and awaiting the release date. Also excited to hear that LMM is working with Patrick Rothfuss to develop the movies! Li.st Book Club Proposal: Fantasy Edition
  2. Bullet Journals
    Started making one for 2017, and I'm so excited to put it to use. What's A Bullet Journal and Why You Should Start One
  3. 1 Second A Day App
    My favorite 1 Seconds from my 1 Second Everyday (Year 2) video. I tried creating 1 of these in 2016 just using my phone video and didn't keep up on it as I was constantly having to make more storage/back it up on my computer. Planning on trying again in 2017 with the app for it.
  4. More excuses to reread the Harry Potter series
    I never really need an excuse to reread them, but Muggle Hustle IF YOU ARE A HARRY POTTER FAN, YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT "MUGGLE HUSTLE" and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text ✨Things I'm Into This Week✨ make me want to relive the stories with them.
  5. This DIY gift
    https://li.st/talor/homemade-gift-ideas-7PtaUV1t1n3YQSb9zAnKzC. Needed something small to go with my brother's gift. He loves Amy Poehler, and this was so easy to make. Even mod podged his face onto the boy's at the bottom.
  6. Street art in Reykjavik
    STREET ART IN REYKJAVÍK Found while searching for things to do in Reykjavik which led me to search further and find this website that I used on our trip. http://www.iheartreykjavik.net/tag/street-art/
  7. An endless list of 💾'd books to read, movies/documentaries/TV shows to watch and podcasts to follow
  8. A fun, creative and welcoming community