BBC Sherlock OTPs, Ranked

Why yes, I do spend a lot of time on Tumblr
  1. 4 onwards. Lestrolly, Mystrade, etc
    Because I don't care if it doesn't involve Sherlock. #Cumberbitchforlife
  2. 3. Sherlock and Irene Adler AKA Adlock
    From my understanding, Adlock is cannon, but it always seemed a little boring to me (although I love Lara Pulver's version of Irene, the woman is boss).
  3. 2. Sherlock and Molly AKA Sherlolly
    I never went in for Sherlolly until this kiss, now it's my personal OTP. Molly adores Sherlock, is smart enough to keep up, and puts up with his shit. A+
  4. 1. Sherlock and John AKA Johnlock
    The fan art, fanfic, the gifs. The passion Johnlockers put into the luxury yacht of ships makes this number 1
  5. And as a bonus... (it was too hard to just pick one)