1. Jess and Schmidt
    I just binge watched New Girl (well, as much as you can when your son will only sleep for 20 mins at a time) and I loved every minute these two where on screen together
  2. Liv and Ravi
    Rob Thomas has some issues but he knows how to write a friendship. This relationship makes the top 5 because of Ravi: hilarious, awesome friend to Liv, lovely to look at.
  3. Veronica and Wallace
    Veronica and Wallace have been through some serious shit together
  4. Meredith and Cristina
    "Shut up, I'm your person". I loved that these two showed how a beautiful friendship between strong women can be the deepest and most profound love story. Their relationship was the core, not the men
  5. Turk and JD
    To be honest, I don't know if this meets the definition of platonic but who cares, they are beautiful. #guyloveforever