For the first @ReadingChallenge Challenge I selected Middlesex, which was suggested by @paulus (who appears to have great taste in books).
  1. Overview
    Middlesex details the personal journey of Intersex individual Cal/Calliope
  2. I didn't expect to like it but it's one of those books I've always thought I 'should' read.
  3. I loved it.
    I found it hard to put down.
  4. It's a beautifully written saga detailing events over three generations. Cal/Calliope is omniscient but the incorporation of the personal history with historical events adds realism.
    Not being American (and being really ignorant), I didn't immediately recognise all the events depicted but that was a small issue that didn't impact my enjoyment of the story
  5. This list had taken a while to write because I've found it hard to pinpoint exactly what I liked so much
    I think it's the overall message, which I interpreted as: people are people and you love who you love
  6. Overall, I'd probably give it a 8/10, would highly recommend