Anatomy of a Lifetime Movie

I consider myself an expert- pictures do not match actual descriptions
  1. Dramatic opening- usually a flashback
    Lifetime hooks you from the start! Someone is trapped in a trunk or basement and yelling. BAM! Present day in an office park drinking coffee. WHAT HAPPENED!?!? This particular movie had a drowning.
  2. Someone isn't who they say they are
    Obvious- but they set it up so we're not QUITE sure. Maybe the new coworker or roommate isn't insane yet. JUST MAYBE. This movie has a random girl saying she is having the husbands baby.
  3. The build up
    Where our antagonist is slowly losing their shit and effing up everyone's lives. I like the ones where they convince everyone their sane and someone else is crazy. Oh wait that's every movie.
  4. Something goes awry
    Our antagonist is on their way to be caught. And they start LOSING IT. I love a good escape scene with a boat or car chase.
  5. Discovery
    Ah ha! Someone believes the victim after a solid hour and a half of insanity. Extra bonus for not calling the cops when going into an obviously dangerous situation.
  6. The wrap up
    Always dramatic and the last 10-15 minutes of the movie.
  7. Aftermath
    This is where I think Lifetime could expand a little. We usually just hug and fade to the next movie. I WANT MORE. You just killed 15 people and destroyed a town to save your daughter. Everything's ok now? DOUBT IT