As listed by the classic tune.
  1. Dasher- Jon Hamm
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    Dashing and dapper for days. Don Draper be damned. Jon Hamm wins this role hands down.
  2. Dancer- Neil Patrick Harris @actuallyNPH
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    If anyone has ever seen Harold and Kumar's Christmas, they will agree with this choice. Or anyone that has ever seen NPH ever.
  3. Prancer- Elijah Wood
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    Anyone who has ever seen Wilfred will understand this choice.
  4. Vixen- Emma Stone
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    Love her. Want to be her. Several people have told me I sound like her. ❤️
  5. Comet- Keanu Reeves
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    Spacey and fun. Perfect addition to our reindeer squad.
  6. Cupid- Billy Eichner
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    If anyone can make a match in today's day and age it's this man.
  7. Donner- Michael Cera
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    I would have said Egg. No one knows who Donner is.
  8. Blitzen- Danny DeVito
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    I'm imagining a mashup from the Friends stripper and Frank.
  9. Rudolph- Jimmy Fallon @JimmyFallon
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    All of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names! They never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games.