Many of you won't agree with my order- I don't care
  1. Original
    Real original- not that shitty saltine flavor they tried to substitute in a few years back
  2. Parmesan
    Delicious! Clearly the unsung hero of the cheese flavored goldfish cracker. Cheddar gets all the ladies, but Parm is the one for me.
  3. Original dipped in spreadable cheddar cheese
    Not an official Pepperidge Farm flavor but it's #3 to me!
  4. Cheddar
    I mean it's not a bad flavor. I just want original and parm all day long. Extra bonus when we can call it "cheddah"
  5. Pretzel
    Get out of here. You scrape the top of my mouth with your sharp salty exterior.
  6. Cookie
    I've never had them. Out of respect for the cracker I refuse to try them.