Not in order of 💜💛💚❤️💙 @PBS
  1. Those little bugs that live in the milk carton
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    Upon searching for a pic their name came up. Twiddlebugs. And they were Ernie and Bert's friends! Love love love
  2. Prairie Dawn
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    Remarkably unremarkable. Yet she was the only girl muppet and for me it was very obvious there were no girls!
  3. Snuffy
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    It recently came to my attention that Mr. Snuffalupagus was not real and there was major controversy over it. Thanks for killing imagination helicopter parents. 🚁 (Wait did you think that Big Bird was real too?!?)
  4. Ernie
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    I was always Ernie and my sister was always Bert. I'm a dreamer and she is my reason to only visit the moon.
  5. Guy Smiley
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    I'm still waiting for that moment where he announces "THIS IS YOUR LIFE!"
  6. The Martians
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    RING!!!! ahh ah ah ah ah RIIIIIIING!!! Ah ah ah ah ah
  7. Big Bird
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    💛💛💛 I've know Biggie since Follow That Bird and he hasn't changed a feather. He doesn't need flashy tickle toys to keep relevant. He's proud of his 8" stature and stands by Snuffy being real. (Ps Santa is real too and no one believes me)
  8. Bert
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    This face that Bert is making is exactly the face my sister made to me for 35 years. Love Bert. Love his bottle cap collection. Love him forever.
  9. The Count
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    One! Ah ah ah ah ah! Two! Ah ah ah ah ah!
  10. Cookie Monster
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    He's amazing in the iPhone commercial. 💙🍪😍🍪
  11. Oscar the grouch (Nicknamed Oskie by us!)
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    Totally misunderstood. My sister's FAVORITE! She was always so mad that everyone didn't get him.
  12. Kermit THE Frog
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    We were confused as to where the rest of the Muppets were. Yet loved Kermie always.
  13. Telly
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    Forgotten by most. Loved by us!
  14. Grover!
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    I can't believe I almost forgot him. He's always a friend and so nice to everyone. 💙💙💙 Gladys the Cow gets a shout out for being friends with Grover
  15. Elmo
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    We always thought Elmo was a bit of a dummy. Adorable, but kind of a lost soul that was craving attention and didn't listen to his friends. He was Grover without the listening skills. Elmo is the millennial muppet.