Hey June, I guess this is what we did?

As told through my iPhone photos- inspired by @nikkifin and @ElDudetterino
  1. Charity booze cruise with my fave SIL
  2. Purchased a squatty potty 💩🦄
  3. Quick nephew high school graduation dinner
  4. Friends Trivia- we came in the middle (that's what she said (hopefully))
  5. Dmb concert
  6. Left a friend at a bar whilst celebrating another friends bday
    Not pictured- obviously
  7. Met a very large dog 🐶
  8. Saw the outside of The Max several times
  9. Saw my cousin! ❤️💛💚💜💙
  10. Father's Day and one of my sisters birthdays- full fire occurred due to some fatty chicken thighs (not pictured)
  11. Possibly fire suspect
  12. Quick charity meeting with my dead best friend's SIL
  13. Phish concert watching with a glow stick cat
  14. I mean what am I doing with my life? 😬😂