I Forgot We Were Different: A compilation of conversations from my life

Buckle up- it's fun being me
  1. Oh hey! You're not married yet?
    At age 36 these have slowed due to me having a previous engagement and being generally secretive about my personal affairs.
  2. You're so good with kids!
    Nbd I was an aunt at age 15 and you hate all children except your own.
  3. So all your friends are gay men? We think they should be straight and marry you.
  4. Alyssa- you really need to branch out from the gay men
  5. How will you ever meet a husband?
  6. Really Alyssa- you should post different photos- men think they are your lovers
  7. At least stop being so... Smiley?
  8. And stop dragging John to Disneyland?
  9. Never.