If you donated (or volunteered or picketed) and didn't post it on social media did it really happen?

An ode to modern "charity"
  1. This list harkens back to me teaching my niece and nephews to be good people
  2. I'm happy that people are charitable- don't let this list make you think otherwise
  3. However- there is a marked difference between those that help to help and those that help to say they helped.
    And it starts with social media.
  4. I was born in the "Lost Generation" so I employ the great skill of judging and loving everyone. I'm neither Millennial or X. I get to love and hate everyone.
  5. Both generations aren't charitable without wanting recognition.
  6. My sweet little 4 year "lost" generation is the most charitable and successful group of people I've ever met.
  7. My friends and I can send books and money and love and mentoring to the world without having to tell anyone.
  8. I don't know why we're this way. We all are and we love it. Send me your charities and I'm sure we'll donate 😘✌🏻️💛💙