List 2/2: Proud to be an American (?)

  1. America is comprised of 50 different states and personalities. We banded together years ago to be strong and proud. We are now our own worst enemy.
    And it makes me sad.
  2. We banded together for a quick 200+ years.
  3. And now we decided we take a stand against each other.
    Typical siblings...
  4. 218 Americans (in 4 years) have been killed by other Americans because half of our country thinks selling a semi automatic military grade gun defines their freedom.
  5. Every single mass murder I listed has been done by the same gun, by an American citizen, and purchased legally.
    I was googling shots per minute and that's what came up. Ak15 FOR SALE.
  6. From what I can ascertain these guns shoot 45 bullets per minute- legally purchased in America- who are we shooting 45 bullets at in 1 minute?
  7. And then half of our Senate have to filibuster 15 hours to convince a vote to ban these weapons?
  8. I'm so ashamed of US. 😔