Pbs Icons- Who Shaped My Life

The more I thought about it the more I remembered!
  1. Julia Child
    I celebrate her entire life and watched her drop a turkey and laugh when I was 5. 🦃🍽🍷
  2. Bob Ross
    If I could live in those happy little tree delights I would. 🌲🏔
  3. LeVar Burton
    🌈📚 No one else could ever narrate a children's book as well as him. Ever. #challenge
  4. Mister Rogers
    Crayons factory visit. 🎤⬇️
  5. Bob Vila
    The original HGTV. Never to be replaced. 🔧🔨🔩
  6. Norm Abram (Yankee Workshop)
    I own 2 planes and a sander. Why? Because of Norm. 🚪
  7. Mr Hooper
    He accepted Ernie and Bert. And loved radios. 👬📻📺
  8. Id like to add Oscar the Grouch & Cookie Monster
    Suggested by   @jessicaphoffman