Mostly about tv it seems like... Ongoing
  1. Anthony Bourdain has the best job
    How do I get that job? How did he get that job? His liver must be made of steel
  2. Why aren't I on the People's Couch?
    I would be amazing on it. I don't understand why they pick people in La. Just mail a gd camera to Boston and let us give it a go! I do have 2 TVs after all.
  3. Where are my glasses?
    Blind as a bat and without fail spend several minutes blindly patting surfaces trying to find them. Someone should invent something to preventing this.
  4. Oooo should I invent the glasses solution?
    Perhaps a pouch or a hook? Maybe it should glow in be dark!
  5. How have I still not left the house yet??
    What on earth have I been doing? I've been up for over an hour and only have to get myself ready.
  6. Where is my work pass?
    What did I wear yesterday? Is it still clipped to that? Why can't I remember what I wore? Do I have early onset Alzheimer's? Oh I wore that dress that I couldn't clip it to. It's in my purse. Why can't they just microchip me and I can avoid this every day!
  7. Oh it wasn't in my purse %#^*+^%!
    So where is it?? Now I have to scare the poor IT girl by knocking loudly to get in.
  8. Hmmm this watermelon looks dry...
    Oh it actually super moist! What a delight! How on earth could something with the word "water" in its name be dry anyways.
  9. Why do people hate the word "moist"?
    It's a perfectly normal description. Totally gets a bad rap. Moist moist moist.
  10. Should I go out after work?
    Eh it's 2 pm and I'm already exhausted. I should definitely stay in. I definitely won't. Can't wait to internally debate this for the next 4 hours.
  11. I wonder if this coffee is still good
    It's not bad! I mean cold and from 9 am but overall not bad. Kudos Starbucks