1. They zoomed in on a wheelchair and held up everyone loitering around to board the flight
    Not held up at all because we still had 6 minutes until actual boarding time. Everyone is just impatient.
  2. They tipped the man that took them to the gate and both shook his hand profusely
  3. He had a mini backpack
  4. He also could walk perfectly fine
  5. I then board the flight and swing my roll-on deftly onto the overhead and they are openly impressed
  6. We laugh
  7. They then ask if the flight is going to Boston
  8. We laugh again and say we both hope so!
  9. They politely had remained standing while waiting for their final row mate (window)
  10. He arrives and they raucously chat about Boston in the 70s
  11. I'm jealous I'm a row behind now...