I'm the queen of last minute packing.
  1. Watching a marathon of "Arranged" on the FYI network
    I never knew this show or channel existed until two hours ago. I'm 3 episodes in and fascinated by the entire concept. Spoiler alert: marriage seems like it's not going great for most of these couples...
  2. Eating leftover sushi
    It's from last night so it wasn't bad yet! Had I left it until I got back it would be bad. That was my thought process.
  3. Ordering a hoverboard for my nephew's birthday
    This task was actually more involved than just hitting "buy". I looked at at least 4 listings on Amazon before making the ultimate choice. I also failed to get my sister's permission for this gift. "Aunt of the Year"
  4. Listing
    Self- explanatory
  5. Calculating the exact time I can leave apartment to not miss my flight
    If it takes me 15 minutes to pack, 20 to shower and get ready, if I don't have to clean for John to stay here then I can lay here until 2:30.