None of these make sense. Hence the use of "irrational"
  1. When my boyfriend doesn't respond to my text and I 100% know he's busy at work and my text needed zero response
    My text is most likely something like "hey I saw that homeless guy we like while I was walking to work" TEXT ME BACK
  2. When I clean my fridge and realize all the food I've wasted
    I wish I could remember all the delicious items I bought or I wish food didn't go bad so quickly. Either way I should just purchase less. So annoyed.
  3. Slow walkers
    I live in a very touristy neighborhood with small sidewalks and lots of cool things to look at. I still hate everyone that isn't walking at a breakneck pace.
  4. People who don't know what to do at airport security
    Oh I need to take my shoes off? Oh my laptop is still in my bag. Whoops! Forgot I had my belt on. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!!!
  5. When my receipt at CVS is 10' long
    Ugh I know I will never use these coupons. Why am I killing so many trees! Why didn't I just send to my card electronically. Aaaaaaargh now I have to crumple it up and shove it in my purse only to be annoyed when I take it out in 2 weeks.
  6. Hub bikes and bikers
    These gd bikes take up 2 full parking spots in my neighborhood. Tourists who don't know what they're doing rent them and slowly ride on the sidewalk or the wrong way up one way streets. AAAAAARGH