I guess I have two dvrs and don't know how to use them
  1. That 70's Show (36 episodes)
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    Amazing show. I didn't realize it's on Netflix.
  2. I dream of Jeannie (18 episodes)
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    How did I find and tape this? Unknown. I won't delete. Master Nelson is everything.
  3. Wings (4 episodes)
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    Again how did I find this show and then set up a series recording. Unknown. Love it. Want more episodes.
  4. Bob's Burgers (1 episode)
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    I hope it's the new one. Or any other episode. 🍔 Butts.
  5. Wet Hot American Summer (not a complete recording)
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    Why did I record 45 minutes? Because this movie is amazing. List to be listed of why it is.
  6. The Goldbergs (0 episodes)
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    I accidentally deleted the most recent episode when I wanted to pause it to smoke a cig. If Beverly were here that never would have happened.
  7. The Price is Right (1 episode)
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    Saved forever. John and I are on this episode. We're awful contestants, but great audience members!