What Would You Do if You Had a Month Off?

I did. So I'm posting it.
  1. Flew to LA and immediately went to Pump for brunch
    My friend John was hungover and DID NOT WANT TO GO. We basically had everything on the menu and then saw the entire Vanderpump fam eat brunch. He's never been happier.
  2. Went to Disneyland
    Again. John was disinterested. He had legitimately the time of his life. And stole my Mr Toads Wild ride mug.
  3. Went to my bestie Sal's bday brunch in Laguna Beach
    Legit amazing
  4. Continued the bday celebration for Sal with a unicorn piñata
    We upgraded the candy and everyone loved it. By everyone I mean Sal and John and the kids.
  5. We packed a truck to drive to Montana from LA
    Girls wanted to join us. They were also not great truck packers.
  6. Went to In and Out
    Best. Dinner. Ever.
  7. Oh so hungover drove to Arizona
  8. Camped in Sedona
    This is where we start to lose our minds due to how gorgeous it was and we didn't realize. There was also a mountain bike thingy and we had a bike so everyone thought we were involved. Little did they know that bike is the bane of me existence on all our road trips.
  9. Quick Petrified Forest and Painted Desert
    Not going to lie, we almost missed this because I was cranky and couldn't find our paper map. We made it!
  10. New Mexico!
    New state for us!!! We have regrouped and aren't "as" cranky
  11. Quick tequila at Hotel el Rancho
    What the maps don't say is that all the fun stuff is now in bad parts of town. I walked to the convenient store and saw someone shoveling a dead pigeon carcass off the sidewalk. SIDEWALK
  12. El Morro
    We survive the night. Wake up and head out! Cranky level is low for me. High for John. El Morro is gorgeous.
  13. Lava pits
    We don't realize that we're on a volcano. Quick sandstone bluff and lava pits and some arches. Insane.
  14. Albuquerque
    Delightful little town!
  15. Camp in Jemez Springs
    So gorgeous. Someone rolled in at 1 am and ran their generator all night. Not good camping etiquette
  16. Giggling Hot Springs
    Absolutely amazing. Highly recommend.
  17. I misread a map and take us on a dotted line road over a mountain.
    Dotted line means no pavement, which means mud and a 8 grade mountain. This picture is after we survived. In my defense it would have been a full 4 hours to go around.
  18. Aztec ruins!
    They were a short and innovative people. And again we stumbled upon this while checking tire air pressure at the gas station after "mountain gate"
  19. Colorado!
    We have a long discussion about how John hates my shirt.
  20. Dorado, Colorado 🍀
    Things happen. We stay at an amazing little motel. Wapiti Motel. Five stars
  21. Mesa Verde
    Again. Amazing. People built these INTO THE MOUNTAINS.
  22. Utah!
    We've been so many times so don't take a welcome sign pic.
  23. Camp at Arches
    It looks innocent enough. It isn't. Yet we love it.
  24. SNOW!
    If I could load videos you would see one of us huddling in the tent in a blizzard.
  25. Arches is gorgeous.
    Cloudy but gorgeous.
  26. John begins his quest to convince me to drive home tonight. Instead of going to Idaho
    We drive.
  27. I agree.
  28. He's happy.
  29. We party in Montana. I have aggressive hiccups.
  30. He makes me go to HR block. I make him go to thrift stores.
    Price on this bad boy was $200. My limit was $50
  31. I posted this picture with a stolen mug from his resort and tagged the resort.
    We untag and discuss how on earth anyone would realize. This is when he takes the Toad mug.
  32. We watch OJ vs. the people and American idol for 2 days and do laundry
  33. We part ways and I go to Puerto Rico- land to this alert
    I had replaced my phone and suddenly a day later this is my alert. Puerto Rico doesn't have apple or Verizon stores.
  34. Puerto Rico is beautiful
    I am cranky. Mainly at Apple.
  35. We regroup and possibly meet some baseball people I don't know
    Not pictured- but everyone is super nice and knows a lot about baseball
  36. We wonder why other people don't want to talk to us?
    Oh they did!
  37. Rain forest! El Yunque
    Someone who didn't know me would think I was super outdoorsy due to my aggressive park and forest visits.
  38. Waterfall!
    Is it bad to say it wasn't the best waterfall I've seen? It was too crowded. Like WAY too crowded. I'm a national park snob I guess
  39. Beach and rainforest
    And sweaty. El Yunque is gorgeous. And very different from every other park I've seen.
  40. Bio bay kayak
    We couldn't take pics of the bay, but kayaking through a mangrove forest into a bay with luminescent algae is gorgeous. I did throw out my back. Worth it.
  41. Quick pirate
  42. We haven't killed each other!
    Waves are big.
  43. Rincon
    So. So. Pretty.
  44. Old San Juan
    Possibly had a quick incident regarding the ferry over. Worth it.
  45. San Cristobal Fort
    Hot as hades during this and Eddie and I had a quick discussion about how you can't take your shirt off at a national monument. You know. Normal stuff 🤔
  46. Shaving Brush Tree
    Every night we would go out and debate about these trees. We apparently forgot about Google. Please note my phone is still not working after 8 days.
  47. Dorito flavors I want
    No comment needed.
  48. Begin to realize you have to go back to the real world.
  49. Coqui!
    Frogs would chirp every night and our balcony neighbors hated them. We started just mocking the chirp. Coqui!
  50. Home again!
  51. Hover board!