I can base my entire opinion of you on this answer. And do.
  1. Here are your choices
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  2. Adam West
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    I will admit that I've never seen the original Batman, but love Adam West in Family Guy. If you pick him I like you. You're either older or just cool. ✔️
  3. Michael Keaton
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    My personal favorite. So I love you. Just look at that poster.
  4. Val Kilmer
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    Shockingly no one really says him. I think the all star cast overshadows him. I still like you, but question why you didn't say Keaton.
  5. George Clooney
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    Again, not a lot of takers on this one. Another all star cast and a very good competent Batman. Still Keaton is better.
  6. Christian Bale
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    Oh you decided to change the entire mood of Batman? Now you want to be dark and scary and have a weird voice? You're American Psycho. And the second most popular choice. I don't like you.