since it seems listroductions are past their prime
  1. I rarely went by my full name until my professional life. I will admit I was sad that as a youngster my name was not popular and I could never find personalized pencils.
    Instead I went by: Lyss, Lyssie, Lyssta, Jo, AJ
  2. I keep my phone and car clock on military time.
    This is because a) I got too used to it living as an expat in high school as school clocks & travel timetables make way more sense and b) I don't mess up my alarms
  3. I am a special ed middle school co-teacher at a heavily English Language Learner school. I also am dumb and run an after-school program for elementary students. In otherwords, overextended.
    Most of our students are immigrants, 1st generation, or refugees.
  4. If you use the "r"-word or say ignorant things about mental illness, you will immediately drop about 3 notches (maybe more) in my admiration.
  5. Ellipses are my favorite punctuation.
  6. I have traveled a lot in my brief life, but the world is far too large for me to even put a dent in my list of places I want to visit
    I guess that list comes later.
  7. I could probably write a book about my physical mishaps.
    My friends ask me, "Who let you out of your bubble?" I guess this could also be a list
  8. I was raised by Wolverines, but am a proud Spartan.
    Don't you dare judge me.