a recovered draft of a request by @dudleyjoshua
  1. Ice skating
    Very basic...but I rarely fall...so WIN? Forget the time I fell through the ice.
  2. Water skiing
    I can never stand up!!! FAIL
  3. Snowboarding
    My nemesis since 2002. Cut the ex's head open as he tries to teach me how to stand after a fall. Fast forward 10 years, break an arm during A LESSON. FAIL
  4. Biking
    It is one sport I can get behind. But I have bit it way too many times for it to be healthy. I am going to go with skidding across the Venice Boardwalk with the worst case of roadrash I have ever had as the worst one. FAIL.
  5. Trampolining
    I broke my mom's rule of no more than one person jumping at a time. I pretended my arm was sprained until I couldn't unbutton my jeans and knew I had done something dangerously bad for me. 1st broken bone. FAIL
  6. Hiking
    I had to be rescued by EMS workers when I broke my ankle and there was no way I was making it to the trailhead. FAIL.
  7. The list is never ending. Is it wrong that I hate sports?