chronic illness edition inspired by @kaitmaree
  1. Apparently my brain is not my friend
  2. One chronic illness makes my body attack itself
    Most basic definition
  3. One chronic illness sets me up on an emotional Rollercoaster
  4. Both can be pretty shitty
  5. One makes me feel like a drunken sailor
    Not in a good way
  6. One can make me feel like superwoman and then put me in a weird anxious/depressive downward spiral
  7. One I can talk about
    Pretty freely
  8. One I can't talk about
    Stigma much?
  9. Why in the world do we make it so hard for people?
    Especially youngsters and the homeless
  10. Why the hell does everyone put their two cents in?
    Does it make them.feel better? You have the same problems? Let's bond, not judge.
  11. Why do we not believe some people are struggling when we see them being healthy, productive, and witty?
    And why can't people share these struggles without judgement?
  12. Why is it easy for society to blame violence on mental illness?
    You know what assumptions do....
  13. Why do I know I or my students will have accommodations made for some things and written off as nuisances by other things?
  14. Why is it so easy to let my identity be stolen by these illnesses?
    Even though I shouldn't
  15. It's ok. I will work harder to prove otherwise.
  16. @list can know some secrets