1. I was diagnosed with MS in the ER after tests and a ridiculously long MRI
  2. This was not a huge surprise as I was waiting to see a neurologist in July per referral from my PCP. It is still a game changer and I did cry.
  3. @mnc1971 posted an awesome list that was reassuring and supportive
  4. My boyfriend went home and read up on everything (more than I even had time to do) immediately after I was admitted.
    We have argued about my health and waiting out for people who never gave us answers. I was so happy he didn't let on that he was too scared and asked before he disclosed to people.
  5. This text from my mom:
  6. This screenshots sent by a friend:
  7. And this badge:
  8. My bf's mom telling me that I always say I am fine and to actually make a real request for help
    The bf didn't want me to ask for help with cooking this week. He said he would take care of it. I ask for lasagna. He was totally down with that.
  9. My doc being an amazing teacher to his interns and students
    And actually laughing when I told him a well-respected neuro opth. Had said my vision problem was all in my head. "Well...that is technically true..."
  10. My mom holding down my head on a pillow and towel for a spinal tap that lasted close to an hour.
    I was snotty. They lidocained me 4 times. My mom said I had over 10 needle pokes. She watched that gross and painful process. And then told me she had recited the entire rosary before he even got to a good spot.
  11. Laughing when my mom brought me an adult coloring book but forgot the colored pencils.
  12. Finally getting some answers!
  13. Maybe not as exciting: being hopped up after my 1am steroid infusion.