1. Falling and breaking my front teeth
  2. Being force fed cheese
  3. Dying a slow, painful death
  4. Losing a loved one
  5. Not being able to save a loved one from death or pain
    I have had a recurring dream about not being able to save my sister from wolves or her escaping into dangerous waves on a floating carpet (???!)
  6. Facing a legal lawsuit under IDEA for a tiny mistake
  7. Having my MS progress quickly
  8. Watching the cats escape when I open the door and realizing they are not trying to find their way home
    Why can't we call have our own Milo & Otis?
  9. Being trapped under a building after a natural disaster or otherwise
  10. Witnessing racial discrimination
  11. My colleagues and students being persecuted because of their nationality or religion
  12. My students being harmed by bombings or other attacks when they go visit relatives in the summer
  13. All types of natural disasters
  14. Scorpions
  15. Any poisonous animal
  16. Drowning
  17. A shark attack on me or anyone else
  18. Watching any more life or death accidents
    One is enough
  19. Losing my 4 yo niece in a public place
  20. Singing solo in front of people
  21. Having another manic break
  22. Never recovering from potential depression
  23. Never getting over the reality of my lifelong illnesses
    Bipolar & MS if you can't tell
  24. Judging people unfairly
  25. Actually hearing what people truly say about me behind my back
    I am sure it would be hurtful, and I would just stew over things that are twisted versions of the truth
  26. Being cheated on or wanting to cheat
  27. The stupid naked dream
    Why is that so common?
  28. Having an allergic reaction to an unknown object
  29. Regret