Requested by @DG
Science is not my
  1. I looked up a diagram of what "happens"
  2. I read a science fair book (a random forces of motion book in the school library)
  3. Ask a brilliant science teacher for help (he had built his stand!)
  4. Use a pre-made launch stand or....learn from the geniuses at Nasa:
  5. Attach stand tubing to a bike pump. Invert the bottle with tubing inside and move the latch to hold bottle in place
  6. Have one person pump the bike pump while the other holds the rope
  7. Rope is pulled after several pumps (I do not know of an exact science on pressure, pace, strength and it has been fun playing with it)
  8. If your stand isn't weak or wobbly like mine, you won't have to hold the stand and get soaking wet!!!!