a day-by-day recap
  1. June 1st- I got this in the bag!
  2. June 2nd- How the hell will I ever make these next few weeks interesting?! Google everything. Hope the clay stays wet.
  3. June 3rd- They are off the chain!! Please grant me patience.
  4. Weekends don't count...I forget I have to go back on Monday.
  5. June 6th- it was the start of Ramadan so they were sluggish. They also decided to stay up and play video games instead of sleeping.
  6. June 7th- mental note to self: plan more hands on activities that keep them working in groups..they are a lot more pleasant...even if they say they don't get it a million times
  7. June 8th- Let's hurry and get all the final exams done by Friday so they don't show up next week and they are totally tired
  8. June 9th- "happy last full Thursday!!" "You mean we don't have to come to school tomorrow?"
  9. June and I 0th- I missed work. The text from my co-teacher about failing...yeah...you do nothing and let your partners do the dirty work? You earned that E. Even though the curve *might* bump you up. Name autocorrected wrong so I can show the text.
  10. June 13th- 3.5 days left! I said it over and over again. Also, how hard did a student have to work to get suspended the last week of school?!
  11. June 14th-locker clean outs! So gross, yet so necessary.
  12. June 15th- difficult-surprise-last-minute extra credit competitions are the best and most entertaining. Who knew how hard they would work to find a mathematical term that starts with a "j" or how quickly they forget ZERO
  13. June 16th- YALLAH BYE!