I am no longer embarrassed by his antics
  1. He pulled on the "Do Not Touch" emergency exit latch on the Disney Monorail.
    The Monorail stopped and everyone stared as the security guard told him that it would not go back up even if he continued to try and close it.
  2. Tell people his dream job is to be the NWL commissioner
    Yes. That, is the "National Wiffleball League" to be clear.
  3. He sang an endearing song about our pet Annie on the London Underground.
    The tube is silent. You don't do that.
  4. He told us our two dogs wanted to marry each other
    We had brought a Westie home with us from England. He thought him and our Cocker spaniel would make a handsome couple.
  5. He tries to park in the "Di-no-saur" lot
    Even if it doesn't exist
  6. He said my brother's dog needed photos to hold a memorial.
    For other dogs who weren't even dead.
  7. He is obsessed with replicating cocktail recipes, by estimation.
    Even if he guesses at the ingredients and there is a huge potential for digesting failure.
  8. He decides to paint furniture without proper planning
    Oh...you want to paint Adirondack chairs without cleaning off the cobwebs or small brushes? Sounds great.
  9. My parents send hilarious photos like this beauty:
    Did I mention that I have NEVER seen him without a mustache? High school photos included.