1. People think you're paranoid
    The only thing you really are paranoid about is that they are over analyzing everything you do.
  2. You will inevitably hear about how wrong medication is.
    Do you even want to know what I was like before meds?
  3. You cringe whenever someone calls something or someone bipolar.
    No, the weather is the weather...it changes.
  4. You turn off the TV when commentators say a criminal's action is due to mental illness
    Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Maybe they are just a bad person, those do exist. It is, at times, a solid platform for explaining the serious flaws in our social justice and Healthcare systems. It is also stigmatizing every other contributing member of society who is managing their diagnosed and treated medical condition.
  5. You can't have a bad day.
  6. Stigmatizing keeps you from being honest.