forget Friday the 13th; you better listen up, missy!
  1. When you give knives the receiving party must pay you.
    It could be a penny, but under no circumstances can they walk away without severs your friendship.
  2. You must always put a dollar or other currency in a gifted wallet or purse.
    If you don't, you are sending/cursing them with ill financial wishes
  3. Itchy nose.
    Clearly, you are going to kiss a fool.
  4. Burning Ears
    Stop eavesdropping, you might hear someone talking poorly about you.
  5. Pennies & Luck
    We all know this one, pick it up for heads up, but heads down and you better turn it around for someone else
  6. Never fear thunder.
    Why? Because you need to make sure great grandma is bowling strikes in heaven