Reasons why my grandma is my inspiration

It's her birthday and She isn't your typical 79 Year Old
  1. My grandma had my mom when she was 15. She never graduated high school, but had a successful career (before they looked down on capable drop outs) and raised 4 kids mostly on her own. My mom is amazing and my uncles are pretty great. I would call her offspring a win.
    With this life she has gained more wisdom than I will ever understand.
  2. She still travels and is physically fit enough to do a ton!
    She totally belongs to golf and bowling leagues.
  3. She doesn't want anyone to get left out.
    That's what all those vests are for!!
  4. She doesn't take herself too seriously
  5. She will go along with me even if she hates the place.
  6. She takes photos with us in bars.
  7. She gave up her time and energy to take care of me
    She weaned me off pain meds three days early....what grandma says goes.
  8. She totally loves the Price is Right
  9. She makes homemade smash and killer jello & pudding shots 🙈🙉🙊