Pizza ordering
  1. It was about the online Domino's pizza app/website
    AKA, the easiest website known to man
  2. Look, it is ranked in PMQ
    That is Pizza Magazine Quarterly.
  3. Yes...we get PMQ.
    It was a gift subscription
  4. Anyway...I tried ordering pizza
  5. For some reason, you didn't order by pizza
  6. You ordered by serving size
  7. A serving size was a quarter pizza
  8. And you ordered by table
    I think a table meant one pizza
  9. And as we all know..a Pizza is 30 inches or larger
    A pizzette is less than 30 inches. Here is a picture for reference
  10. I kept getting the toppings wrong
    It had choices like shredded chicken, thigh meat
  11. And it's a race against time since they rush your pizza
    You you are happy with their delivery speed
  12. I was losing my mind.
  13. It was such a 1st world nightmare