Things My Mom Never Let Us Have

Or did and it was a party when we got them
  1. Jelly Shoes
  2. Gushers
  3. Sugar bubble gum
  4. Snap Bracelets
    @PeteOnEarth, you inspired me with the 3D printed one. That wouldn't cut our wrists like the ones with metal liners
  5. Sticky hands
    Because they put marks on the wall
  6. Moon Shoes
  7. Flavor Ice
  8. Anything with little pieces
    Operation, Mousetrap, Hungry, Hungry Hippos
  9. Sea monkeys
    Only because someone spilled my brother's all over the kitchen counter
  10. Squeeze-it "juice"
  11. Anything little debbie
    Or Ding-Dongs. I was so jealous of my friends' lunch boxes. I get it now.