I salute you
  1. I don't know how you do it. I know you will tell me love, but it takes patience, time, and energy to put up with us! (School staff)
  2. Not only are you a parent and probably work, you have a full time second job
    Advocating for your child
  3. Emotions run high
    I feel bad for every time we have had a tearful conversation, including my own tears!
  4. Explaining how to approach situations
    I only have to do that for other teachers and administrators...what if it was everyone?
  5. Bonding is different
    The aggression or non-verbal characteristics of some disabilities might create a mystery.
  6. You have to have so much trust
  7. Your breaks are few and far between
  8. Middle schoolers are mean
    By then you have learned about bullying and cruelty
  9. You have to talk to so many people and hear so many perspectives
    Medical, psych,OT, PT, hearing consultant, Gen ed teacher, special ed teacher, speech path, admin...it goes on and on.
  10. Your patience, kindness, and love is inspiring