This article made getting out of bed a LOT easier. Full article:
  1. Ida Keeling is 100 and a total bad ass.
    Which in and of itself is a feat.
  2. Which means she lived through the depression.
  3. Her husband dying at age 42 and leaving her with three kids.
  4. She supported her family. Also began taking them to civil rights rallies and marches.
    And did I mention she's a black woman? She supported her three kids "all the while contending with the abuses and indignities endured by black women in mid-20th-century America." (NY Times - couldn't say it better myself.)
  5. Then her two sons tragically developed drug addictions. And died. Or rather, were murdered.
  6. She crumpled for a while. A short while. Anyone would.
  7. But then, at the age of 67, she took of running!
    Not yoga or power walking - RUNNING!
  8. Not only running, but competitive running!
  9. And at the age of 100, she STILL RUNS! She still competes.
  10. She can do five push ups in a row! I can barely do that!
  11. She is a bad ass and totally inspiring.
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