1. Does Superman ever sleep?
    DOES HE?? Serious question.
  2. What if there are truck driver gangs and we just don't know about them?
  3. Isn't it insane that we ever let ourselves love anything at all?
    This is from a whole bunch of semi nihilistic notes I made the day my cat died. I wasn't in the best mind frame.
  4. Depeche Mode / Enjoy the Silence Pictures of You / The Cure
    Unsure what this was in reference to but I love both of these songs.
  5. Dumpster diving these days
    Honestly you can't make this shit up. Wtf what I talking about?? I HAVE NO IDEA.
  6. Bostrom believes that when it comes to the Fermi Paradox, “the silence of the night sky is golden.”
    Beautiful quote. Need to use it somehow.
  7. Should be national why don't we make men feel like we do every day.
  8. One of the issues w human beings in general is that we recognize all the dumb differences bw us instead of the little weird things that we all have in common and no one ever talks about.
  9. Los Angeles is a really weird place.
  10. Plastic on airplanes -- water distributed in a different way?? Lots of plastic trash per flight - how much??
    This was from my short lived idea to lobby airlines to replace the plastic cups they use with another more environmentally friendly type.
  11. No fireworks on fourth bc Vietnam vets.
    No idea.
  12. I just dented my cranium.