Humans are weird
  1. "I'd love to pick your brain"
    I just wrote this in a work email and then realized I had to make this list bc what sort of MONSTER says that to another person?????
  2. "Bury the hatchet"
    Which, oddly, means the exact opposite of what it sounds like it means.
  3. "Annoying the shit out of me"
  4. "Let the cat out of the bag."
    WHY WERE YOU KEEPING A CAT IN YOUR BAG?? Sounds like animal abuse to me.
  5. "Costs an arm and a leg"
    No thanks. I'm a fan of my arm and my leg.
  6. "Screwed the pooch"
    Pretty sure that's illegal in 48 states.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  7. Keep your eyes peeled
    Suggested by @Life0fRyley
  8. Put your money where your mouth is
    Disgusting. While you're at it, put the hotel tv remote there too.
    Suggested by @bdot
  9. "He/she/it rubs me the wrong way"
    If you take it literally, it gets super creepy
    Suggested by @cem94
  10. Her eyes were bigger than her stomach.
    How creepy is that? Imagine how big her eyes are. 👁👁
    Suggested by @cariturner
  11. Right up your alley
    Suggested by @k8zinker