Just a few of the many, feel free to add to this.
  1. The low grade disrespect that so many people give you
    Like the taxi driver who would only talk to my husband, or the car mechanic who acted like I was a moron because I have a vagina.
  2. The fact that some men can't seem to grasp that women in their early/mid 30's aren't desperate - that you are dealing with the fact that for some fucked up reason, evolution hasn't caught up with society and our eggs still age at the same rate that they did BACK IN THE 16TH CENTURY.
    Which is why I think @mindy's show is awesome for talking frankly about women making the decision to freeze their eggs. It's about fucking time a show dealt with that subject.
  3. The times that people command you to smile.
    The last time it happened, I was at a stop sign trying to cross Pico at a non-stoplight intersection (thanks Waze). This guy on foot stopped in front of my car and literally pointed at me, pulled the sides of his mouth up, and mouthed SMILE! Needless to say, I gave him the finger. (And then he looked hurt, like he didn't understand what he'd done to provoke that reaction. Honestly.)
  4. You get called "bossy" instead of a leader
    I can't tell you the amount of times I've been called "bossy" by peers, teachers, coaches, etc. But if a boy does it, it's called being "authoritative" and a "good trait to have". Also, I'm sick of being called "hysterical" if I'm upset. I'm just upset, and my lack of a penis doesn't make it any more concrete.
    Suggested by @mollywannamaker
  5. Sexual harassment and sexual assault happen so often and are so engrained in the female experience that we both expect and fear it.
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  6. The assumptions that you can't fix things or put ikea furniture together because you're female but it's just because you simply have better things to do
    I hate when I ask a friend to do anything handy around my place people assume that it's because I'm female but in all honesty it's just pure laziness.
    Suggested by @helenab
  7. UNSOLICITED CAREER ADVICE. From strangers. Who don't even work in your industry.
    I lost count of all the men I don't know who have imparted their ~sage wisdom~ on my professional advancement, at no request of mine. PASS.
    Suggested by @sibel
  8. The idea that there are no benefits to being a woman over a man.
    Even though we can't (easily) pee standing up, get our periods, experience boob sweat, and are less respected across many cultures doesn't mean being a woman isn't awesome, and possibly better than being a man.
    Suggested by @kalind016
  9. Wanting to be totally fearless but also walking around knowing men are on average bigger and could just pick me up and take me down.
    Because taking a self defense class would be admitting we need help, which we don't, because we are tough and independent, but still smaller than many men. Damn it.
    Suggested by @kalind016