The Best Prince Songs (Aka Tears All Over the Place)

This is ranked in no particular order since ALL OF HIS SONGS are amazing. Feel free to add.
  1. 1999
  2. When Doves Cry
  3. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  4. Purple Rain
  5. A Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover)
  6. Kiss
  7. Let's Go Crazy
  8. Raspberry Beret
  9. Delirious
  10. Little Red Corvette
  11. Adore. One of the best slow jams ever. 💜💜💜
    Suggested by   @nikkilounoel
  12. Everyone knows the classics, so I'll suggest a more recent tune: the underrated "Breakfast Can Wait".
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  13. Nothing compares 2 U - Prince Featuring Rosie Gaines
    Suggested by   @holly70
  14. "Sometimes it Snows In April" gets me every single time
    Suggested by   @hannahbee
  15. Arms of Orion from the Batman soundtrack
    Such a beautiful love song.
    Suggested by   @tbullucks06
  16. Dirty Mind
    From the 1980 Dirty Mind Album.
    Suggested by   @kiraandlulu
  17. BREAKDOWN is a late Prince classic. His later stuff never got enough recognition.
    (From the album Art Official Age)
    Suggested by   @Nicodemus147
  18. Man In a Uniform
    Suggested by   @slinger
  19. Shockadelica
    Suggested by   @slinger