Words That I Am Obsessed With

I really like words: what they mean, where they came from, how they sound.
  1. Chagrin
    I love that there's a road named Chagrin somewhere in the world.
  2. Megalopolis
    I love the feeling of this word on my tongue.
  3. Disingenuous
    I also love words that mean something totally other than what you think they mean.
  4. Discombobulated
    I love words that are fun to say.
  5. Drip
    I find words that end in P pleasing.
  6. Whoosh
    Falls in the "words that sound like their meaning" category (otherwise known as an onomatopoeia). (Drip is one too.)
  7. Quagmire
    I fell in love with this word studying for the SATs, not because of Family Guy.
  8. Plethora
    A trip of the tongue.