Rumors and myths!
  1. Jason Rhoades' 'Black Pussy Cabaret Macrame'
  2. Jack Goldstein burying himself for 24 hours with just a straw and a blinking light to his heart up at CalArts.
  3. Dawn Kasper crashing her truck during a performance in Chinatown. I missed it because I was doing a piece at the same time. When I asked her later what happened, she said 'I hadn't decided how the performance would end.'
  4. Bad Jan Ader disappearing on a sailboat, aka In Search of the Miraculous
  5. John Duncan's Blind Date, where the artist played a recording of himself having sex with a corpse to a dark warehouse in DTLA. I include this more as an example of something that has almost disappeared - John's friends at the time decided not to speak to him about the piece, it was left out of the related catalog.
  6. Everything Johanna Went did in punk clubs in the late 70s / early 80s with crazy costumes and antics
  7. ASCO staging 'first supper after a major riot' on Whittier blvd.