1. Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo
    Endless drawers and dusty cabinets containing treasure troves of ancient Egypt. Few labels, except for the big guys like Ramses and Tutankhamen (ok, King Tut was tiny), but you know what mean).
  2. Neues Museum, Berlin
    Highlights include the busy of Nefertiti, and the spoils of Heinrich Schliemann's Troy excavation
  3. Secession, Vienna
    One of the original artist-run spaces. Probably the best? Amazing shows including Robert Irwin and Stephen Prina
  4. Pergamonmuseum, Berlin
    While seeing an entire intact Ancient Greek alter on an island in the middle of Berlin feels, well, wrong, it's pretty epic
  5. Sir John Soane's Museum, London
    Bits and bobs of classical fragments and classical casts assembled in an eclectic townhouse by this famed British architect. Lovely models too.
  6. Victoria & Albert Museum, London
    Plaster cast courts & 24 part plaster molds. Excellent Persian ceramics too.
  7. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin
    Fantastic contemporary museum in Berlin with epic installations in the central space and some seminal Joseph Beuys works.
  8. Ephesus Archaeological Museum, Ephesus, Turkey
    Near the famed ancient Roman library of Celus. This is the epitome of the difference between wealthy Western cultural institutions and smaller local museums . It appears the local handyman did all of the installation. Case point: warped painted plywood pieces between figurative fragments, pedestals made of normal masonry bricks (leftover from building)
  9. Musee Rodin, Meudon and Paris
    Rodin's plaster works are the best. The branch on the outskirts of a Paris also houses his mold library.
  10. The British Museum, London
    In the words of a college roommate : "Colonialism rules, ok!" But actually, Viking hoards, the Nereid alter, monumental Egyptian sculptures... It's not just for kids!