Hypothetical questions about technology and its potential removal. Experiments to be conducted for 8-24 hours, or just in your head.
  1. See the world through only what your eye can see in physical space.
    No eyeglasses, contact lenses, telescopes, microscopes. Remove access to computer screens, phone screens, electronic billboard screens, television. What do you see when you are limited to what is right in front of you?
  2. Listen only to the sounds which are actually being produced in the space you are in.
    No recordings, broadcasts, speakers. Does this change your understanding of where you are?
  3. Abandon tool experiment
    If you has to drop whatever you just picked up to do the task at hand, (in this case, that might be your phone) could you still do it? With only your bare hands? How?
  4. Something out of nothing experiment
    If you had to invent a technology for a given task, could you do it without the aid of another technology? In what situation?