But was too chicken to post yesterday.
  1. I received positive feedback and constructive critique on a current draft.
    Creative writing majors, amirite?
  2. The guy that I have a crush on screened his film and my desire for him immediately vaporized. It was bad. Like really really bad.
    Film majors, amirite?
  3. My roommate complained like a three year old til midnight because our internet got shut off.
    Previous tenants realized they were still paying for our internet (teehee) then cut us off. It was inevitable.
  4. Got involved in an argument with a friend about Aaron Sorkin and whether or not he is a lazy writer.
    He's not.
  5. Got my job back.
    My supervisor thought I graduated so I was left off the email list and schedule. Fortunately, they rehired me right away and apologized profusely. Super senior status, amirite?
  6. Decided to use "amirite" as much as annoyingly possible because I was (still am) in that kind of mood.