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  1. The Liz Lemon eye roll
  2. Ok
  3. Some form of Minnie kissing Mickey
    There's a lot to choose from.
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  1. Possibly teething
  2. Maybe growing pains
  3. Just being a dick.
  1. I love her, she's so funny.
  2. Dude... That is fucked up.
  3. Whhhhhhaaaaat??!?!
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  1. I hate those bitches that only talk about diets and which salad dressing has more trans-fats. It's a club I don't want to be a member of.
  2. Being hungry all the time is the worst.
  3. I'd be stuck with a big damn pile of money by not buying lunch everyday.
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  1. Like looking into a mirror!
  2. I guess I do say that a lot. ???
  3. Finally one I can actually relate to! ❤️
  1. I can become nocturnal with ease. One late night and I'm all screwed up for the rest of the week.
  2. The week that I bought my first house, I bought a small bamboo plant, not because I like plants but because I liked the color of the pot it came in. 4.5 years later, the plant is shockingly still alive. We are good friends.
  3. I only drink orange juice when I have a cold.
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  1. Shopping in Florida with my daughter, Audrey. We found a must-have Elmo McFly vest.
  2. My snowflake covered Curly dog.
  3. An inspirational t-rex.
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