Not to be maudlin but everyone has rough patches. And yes, I have had a large glass of wine. And they are not in any particular order, just what I can find the words for first.
  1. My almost brand new grandson.
    A given. One of lifes best surprises. You never believe people who tell you when you are pregnant how difficult things will be, despite all the rewards that come with parenthood. And you never imagine that grand-parenthood can be even better than people tell you
  2. My sons.
    See above.
  3. My partner
    Drives me crazy, drives me wild, take that as you will. Fighting his own battles but still supporting me in mine, and vice-versa.
  4. Family, and friends that are like family
    Old friends, new friends. Friends I talk to every day, and those that circumstances dictate I only see once in a blue moon. They all play a key role and I hope I play a key role in theirs.
  5. My job which so many people would consider boring.
    In fact people I work directly with consider it boring. But, call me strange, I get great satisfaction in tracking down out of balances and figuring out what went wrong. It's like solving puzzles for a living.
  6. Looking forward to what will come next
    Highs, lows, and everything in between. All that makes me who I am, strong enough to see anything through.