1. Hi I'm Mike
    Alternate names: Silk, Silky, Cilky, and for the right people Silkworm. Only my family calls me Michael.
  2. Eagles fan
    I'm from Philadelphia. Not supporting the birds is sacrilege
  3. Gooner
    I've woken up to watch their games at 4:45am, enough said
  4. Footballer
    I also play soccer and it's one of my favorite things to do
  5. Software Developer
    code code code
  6. Serial Laugher
    People tend to like hearing me laugh. I just like jokes, and irony, and sarcasm...comedy, you know
  7. Ghostbusters is my favorite movie
    If this defines me I'm perfectly okay with that.
  8. li.st-er
    I really love this app and I hope I keep posting