Favorite TV Shows of the Past Couple Years

Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Nathan For You
    Stolen from @bjnovak. No show makes me happier to feel uncomfortable.
  2. Better Call Saul
    Breaking Bad is a little before "the past couple years", but Vince Gilligan is a winner again with BCS and Bob Odenkirk deserves Emmys
  3. Lovesick
    Huge shoutout to Netflix for this recommendation. This once-named "Scrotal Recall" is one of the most delightful romps thru the romantic escapades of a 20-something you'll find anywhere, screen big or small.
  4. Game of Thrones
    Yeah yeah yeah. Still hard to believe a show with such ambition is able to pull it off.
  5. The Magicians
    Jokers call it "adult Harry Potter", but I liked Harry Potter and this is better.