Inspired by @welchcommaemma
  1. I cannot control when I choose to laugh
    Or the volume of that laugh either
  2. In fact I can't really control my volume at all
    Can't explain this one
  3. I don't like wearing jeans
    No hoedowns for me
  4. The idea of pasta without sauce makes me squeamish
    Pasta without sauce is just a collection of noodles
  5. I can't order sushi for myself
    If you don't tell me what to get I will randomly choose
  6. I'm totally that guy who spends over an hour deciding what movie to watch
    And the hour hunt isn't always worth it
  7. And I still haven't seen the Godfather movies
    Don't worry, I hate myself for this one too. I'm just never in the right frame of mind to watch them